Safe Zones on College Campuses

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A few years ago…Ted Koppel, then of ABC News Nightline did an address to the graduating class of Duke University called the Vanna-tizing of America. Just reading this article given all of the stuff taking place on the college campus has got my head scratching that Dennis Prager may be right. Before you send your student to college, have them spend a year working in a customer service job such as being a Waiter, or Waitress and getting some people skills, work ethic and acquiring some character development along the way, and then send them to Israel for two months to get a taste of what is happening in the real world beyond the four corners and borders of the city, or state they were born and raised.

These recent developments of college students requesting safe zones, and calling on resignations in Missouri of the President at the University of Missouri for whatever the reason behind the occupation take over of the President’s office is telling me that the Moral GPS or compass has taken a nose dive and crashed because students entering college have been coddled and protected to the point of wanting safe zones on campuses. Why? Because they have been verbally assaulted or harassed by having been called or labeled with a name or characterization of some type. The reality of this so called crisis is you can’t stand behind a protective shield, or plastic bubble, or have ear plugs in your ears forever.

College students, you have left home 100s or 1000s of miles a way to start a new life, and to develop your talents, gifts, skills, and abilities, and to blaze your own trail, and yet when something happen that mentally or verbally rocks your world, you cower and ask for safe zones. I’m sorry, but you are now 18 years old…an adult according to the American legal system to vote, possibly drink depending on the jurisdiction and to be responsible and use some Common Sense. You are on the Precipice of entering the real world where you are not going to have Safe Zones in the work place. There will be HR policies to abide by which ask you to respect other people and treat them the way you would want to be treated. If you don’t want to be harassed verbally, or otherwise, don’t do it yourself. In a work environment, do your job, work hard, treat your co-workers and peers with respect, and work your tail off to please your Employer, and your customers so you can continue to keep your job and come to work the next day to earn an income. Doing stupid things will get you fired and removed from being able to produce an income, and the end result will be having to hustle for bottles and cans and such. Hopefully it will never come to that, but when you don’t do what you are supposed to do, you will reap what you sow.

On the subject of colleges with safe zones and categories of exclusivity, you will need to adapt, improvise, and overcome. In the words of former OSU Basketball coach Ralph Miller, “I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone all of the time, so I don’t even try.” The University and the Academy has been in the past the marketplace of ideas, and the place where people learned to work together, and respect people’s opinions, persuasions, and convictions while also allowing for the Freedom of Speech, Press and Religion, there is a willingness in terms of the exchange of ideas. Those who are wanting safe zones because they can’t agree with or tolerate the opinions, persuasions, and convictions of others who are saying something in disagreement with their own worldview, opinions, persuasions’ and convictions are intolerant and non-inclusive from where they are standing.

To disagree, disallow or try to force compliance on to another whom you have the disagreement with is to place yourself in a cloistered, sheltered position where you don’t learn how to negotiate, exercise diplomacy, exchange dialogue, learn from one another, or discuss options and solutions. One will need how to come up with strategies to defeat roadblocks that could be allowed to open the flow of communication, and answers to resolve and diffuse a powder keg. Safe zones are a form of selfishness and inconsideration of considering viable options to begin resolutions and agreements. Instead there is a hunkering down, and choices to double down on a position or stance which create more problems, conflicts, unresolvable differences and potentially breakdowns, break ups, dissolving of partnerships and World War III.

Essentially, the allowance of Safe Zones on the college campus will do the opposite of what is supposed to happen in students’ lives going to college. Instead of developing into well rounded, self-respecting individuals who respect themselves, respect others and provide a sense of hope in our world and growth as a person, students will become more exclusive, self-absorbed, selfish, and become diminished in their development Mentally, Physically, Socially, Emotionally, Psychologically and Spiritually. Growth becomes stunted and inhibited resulting in a withering away of life resulting in a person becoming a non-life giving entity.

For Students to experience maximum growth and live giving potential, it is a Spiritual Experience. Once a student comes to a conclusion in terms of who they are in light of who the God of the Universe is through a relationship with Jesus Christ, the man or woman who has this encounter will not need Safe Zones to protect them from the darts, daggers, trials, tribulations and worries of this world. What is available via a relationship with Christ is the God of the Universe who is able to help provide guidance and the necessary means to help a student navigate his or her life. Is it Easy? No! Will there be Struggles, Worries and Fears? Yes! And yet that relationship with God is Strong, Stable, Foundational, and will provide Promises where a students’ his or her faith can know are true, Trustworthy, and fully Sufficient in the midst of whatever is going on. A student or person who knows Christ has a Safe Zone that is constant, always available, and always open anywhere on the Planet because God is an Everlasting Presence in times of trouble.

God provides His Word, His Son, a means of Faith that is unshakable, secure, and able to withstand Destructive forces. He is always there via the person of His Son, and the Power of His Holy Spirit. It is not only for students, but for anyone who wants to call upon the name of the Lord, that person will receive Eternal Life along with elements of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.

Benghazi, IRS, and DOJ

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First, it was Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans including the US Ambassador to Libya. Answers to questions regarding that situation are still unanswered while the question that weighs in the wind “Where was President Obama, and what was he doing as a terrorist attack was going down?” Unlike the raid on Usama Bin Laden where the President was pictured with his security staff in the Situation Room of the White House, President Obama is no where to be found. His presence and operational activity during the Benghazi situation is unknown, undocumented, and unclear regarding what He was doing. Meanwhile, Press Secretary Jay Carney is being peppered with questions regarding Benghazi and what was happening during those hours and days.

Benghazi is not the only scandal being investigated. There is the IRS scandal where the Internal Revenue Service is being accused of delaying the 503.C non profit statuses of numerous Conservative groups such as the Tea Party groups, along with internal audits being conducted on political groups of a Conservative nature, along with religious Christian groups being audited and investigated including groups led by Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and Dr James Dobson.

The third scandal being investigated is the Department of Justice and its secret acquisition and spy efforts of members of the media. Phone lines of the Associated Press along with some of its reporters were included. Fox News Reporter James Rosen has also been a target with personal phone lines, and the phone lines of his parents being under the scrutiny by the Us Department of Justice. We are living in changing and interesting times.


BenghaziGate could be Obamagate as Election draws near

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4 Days left and our country has reached a situation where we are going to elect a new President of the United States. As both candidates have criss-crossed the country to campaign, there are a lot of question in connection with President Obama regarding Libya, or a brewing scandal (alleged) but no longer really alleged because of all the information that is coming out regarding the death of America’s Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans on September 11th.

It all began with the claim that a video criticizing the Prophet Mohammed was responsible for a spontaneous protest. However, the President of the United States has not come clean in responding to the plethera of questions of What did he know, and when did he know it regarding the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Almost every couple of days, new facts are coming out that the President of the United States, the Secretary of State and other government officials stood by and watched a live feed of terrorists killing four Americans after at least three pleas for help to bring in armed forces in to protect and get the Americans out of harms way. The attack was not spontaneous because as Senator John McCain of Arizona said, “you don’t bring RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) to a spontaneous protest.

This story, in the midst of Hurricane Sandy which has impacted the East Coast, has gone unreported by mainstream media which includes the New York Times, ABC, NBC, and CBS News. It’s been only in the last couple of days that some of the networks have covered the story, however slight in their reporting. Fox News along with Talk Radio, Blogs and other new media have been following the story since it happened nearly six weeks ago. There is going to be more coming out soon with regard to the President’s inability to lead and save lives, or his pure incompetence in failing to lead, and to launch a rescue effort to save lives of Americans under attack overseas.


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56 Days Left – Romney and Ryan need to toughen up and attack

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With 56 days left, the American electorate has a choice of choosing Freedom and Free Enterprise, or choose free stuff from the government and deal with sacrificing Freedom as we know it today. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and free stuff is going to ultimately cost the voters and taxpayers because someone is ultimately going to pay. The Romney Ryan ticket is going to have to toughen up over the next 56 days and take off the gloves if they want to win. Enough of the Howdy Doody/Ritchie Cunningham image and approach. If you (Romney/Ryan Campaign) want to win this game known as the Presidential election, it’s time to get in the trenches and do what you need to do to Win. Please toughen it up.

Right now, it is Romney Ryan’s to Win. The President of the United States who currently occupies the Oval Office in the White House is campaigning more the governing, playing more golf then leading, and displaying a degree of incompetence that became obvious to the American electorate as early as last year. OIIOHH Obama is in way over his head is now an understatement. The campaign he has been running has been completely negative and focused on issues that have had more of an intention to distract, demonize, and destroy. The behavior of this candidate who is currently the President of the United States is reprehensible.

Romney/Ryan needs to go on offense and call out the President on his record and its incompetence. The President has no record to run on which is the only reason for why President Obama has just gone negative with nothing to stand on because the record of performance is abysmal, Romney/Ryan should win. If the GOP loses, it was because they didn’t do everything possible to utilize every possible resource to win the election

What Price Freedom. Presidential re-election bid cause concern over national economy.

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It’s toward the end of the first quarter of the business year. The economy is showing slight signs of improvement, yet don’t let these slight improvements hood wink you in preparation for the general election.

The POTUS (President of the United States) Barack Obama is in election mode heading into the general election in November. Yet, Mr. Obama has been in election mode since January of 2009 since he was inaugurated, and it shows. The President has been in campaign mode and been on the road more than he has been in Washington doing his job.

Over the three years plus that the President has been in office, our country is going in a direction that most Americans believe is the wrong one. The national debt is currently somewhere between 15 and 17 trillion dollars. Unemployment is still high. Jobs for the regular American worker are slightly getting better, but most of the jobs are part time and not even minimum wage. The jobs that are in place are basically paying for the increases in gas prices not even providing Americans an opportunity to get ahead economically.

America is on the verge of bankruptcy with the ever increasing national debt and the President’s continual political games at the gas pump. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is continuing to pound the bully pulpit of the Presidency in criticizing and berating oil companies more making profits in his efforts to promote a green agenda. The President’s cow towing to Environmentalists is the factor that has handcuffed him in enabling domestic drilling to take place off American shores and in oil fields in various states where oil is underneath the ground. Western states such as Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma and Wyoming are considering options to get federal lands within their states back under state jurisdiction.

The Obama Administration’s relationship with the state of Israel is another issue that is having an affect on our country. The United States and Israel have had solid and close diplomatic relations for many years under the administrations of several Presidents up until the election of President Obama. Allegations are out this morning that the Obama Administration has leaked secret intelligence information of Israel being able to use airspace over a neighboring country of Iran to execute air strikes over Iran’s nuclear facilities should that option end up coming into play. Relations between the Obama Administration and the state of Israel since Mr. Obama came into office can be categorized as “Frosty” under the best scenario.

One really has to wonder if the President is re elected, what direction is the country going to take. Many are fearing the President will get re elected in spite of the dismal record of on the job performance he has had since entering office. Business owners are just hanging on to their money for fear of what’s going to happen with the economy as it relates to Obama care, rising gas prices, rising costs of goods and services connected to rising gas prices, numerous ways that government regulations are going to strangle the ability for business owners to do business. The list goes on and on.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is currently debating the constitutionality of Obama Care otherwise known as National Health Care. 26 states had filed lawsuits against the federal government regarding the constitutionality of mandatory health insurance requiring the purchase of health insurance by every American.

Meanwhile, a 2 billion dollar Federal construction project is underway building a data center facility in Utah without congressional approval. The National Security Agency would be the primary operators of the facility to monitor emails, phone calls, and a variety of other communication amongst Americans that are private. Stay tuned on what is happening with this story.

Economy, Jobs, Gas Prices, Iran, and Israel. Times are changing in 2012 leaving the potential of a one term presidency for Obama.

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March is just around the corner and 2012 is getting a little more precarious each day. As the Mainstream, lame stream media continues to lend its public relations support for President Obama, double standards and character smears continue on and against GOP candidates for president during the Republican primaries.

Meanwhile, the economy, jobs, rising gas prices and tensions in the Middle East in connection with Iran are making Americans nervous. Iran’s efforts and intentions to produce and acquire nuclear weapons have many around the world both nervous and concerned. The rogue power led by an Islamic regime and a President whose objective is to destroy America and the state of Israel are continuing in their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons, stall for time, and hide the facts they are building those weapons.

Gas prices are continuing to rise with predictions that they will reach $4,00 per gallon by Memorial Day raising the ire of Americans who are feeling the pinch of increased gas prices in the wallet during a time when dollars are a struggle to acquire. Jobs continue to be scarce in spite of the President claiming that job rates are improving. That may be the viewpoint of those who are living within the beltway of Washington DC, however for average Americans north, south, and west of DC, those in Washington are looking at the picture being propagated as rose colored, unrealistic and delusional. Higher prices at the pump are impacting Americans in their ability to put groceries in the pantry and less discretionary income.

Gas prices, the economy, unemployment rates and no jobs along with Iran’s quest to become a Nuclear power are creating a restlessness for change. Cries on Facebook spell out OMG (Obama must Go). Cries on talk radio are spelling OIIWOHH (Obama is in way over his head). The economy is now the responsibility of the President. He has been in office for 37 months. There is no longer any room for blaming the previous administration for the situation

Mr. Obama walked into with his administration. He shouldn’t have the job if he can’t take the heat. More blaming rather than action has been coming out of the Obama Administration creating the appearances of the United States of America being led by a weak, uninspiring, and angry individual holding the office of President of the United States. Donald J. Trump in many interviews has said the US is being laughed at and being taken advantage of because all the President does is apologize, appease and talk. The continuing mantra of the Obama administration is the need to sit down and negotiate which gets the response of snickers from world leaders who are realizing President Obama is not that tough.

On March 5th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to give an address in Washington DC and will meet with President Obama at the White House. The meeting is expected to be short, cordial, but most likely frigid. The President is expected to appeal to the Prime Minister not to take offensive action against Iran and their efforts to build a nuclear weapons arsenal. The Prime Minister is most likely to respond that the President will not like Israel’s response because the state of Israel is defending the right of its nation and people to exist because Iran’s soul objective to destroy the state of Israel and eliminate the Jewish people from existence. Times are changing fast and the threat of global action of some type both economically and militarily is expected to take place in some form or action.