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Consider a Change in your Traditional way of making a living providing Options to get ahead of the Money train and not being run over by the inability to make ends meet.

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We’re Looking for Individuals To Make Money Just Handing Out Business Cards!

Would You Be Interested In Making An Average of $50 – $150 An Hour With NO SELLING Involved? No… this is not a scam or hype or some kind of deception. We will never ask We’re Looking for Someone To Make Money Just Handing Out Business Cards! Would You Be Interested In Making An Average of $50 – $150 An Hour With NO SELLING Involved?

No… this is not a scam or hype or some kind of deception. We will never ask you for money; only your effort, which will make YOU money. Lots of it! We have thousands of people, just like you, who make this kind of money, and some even a lot more, by simply passing out cards    


Go online and sign up for free to become an independant representative of a com alled David Allen Capital.
DAC is a loan brokerage that provides simple and quick loans for small businesses.
You don’t need any license or extensive training and it only takes 5 minutes to get up and running!


This is the place where you sign up:

It costs you nothing, now or ever, to become an Agent with David Allen Capital (DAC).

After you sign up, DAC will send you an email, giving you your own free website and an Agent identification number.
Your only expense will be your own business cards (you can buy nice, double sided cards at Staples for only $25 for 1,000).
On your business card you will include your new web address (that takes small business owners to your personal DAC website).
We can design a professional business card template with all of your information for you for free. Just email us.

Since you are working for yourself, (simply advertising for the company), there is no hourly wage.
You are ONLY paid when a small business owner gets his loan approved and funded through your website.
How you ARE paid, however, is MUCH better than a limited hourly wage!
These business loans range from $10,000 to over $500,000.
You are paid a COMMISSION of 3% to 5% of the amount of loan money the owner receives. At even the lowest rate of 3%, your commission from a loan of just $50,000.00 is $1,500 in your pocket! You get that check 7 days after the owner gets their money.

An Agent can pass out approximately 10 cards per hour. For approximately every 100 owners you talk with, you will, on average, get two owners to go to your website and apply directly with DAC for a small business loan. About 90% of those applications will be funded. To get that loan commission of $1,500.00 takes roughly about 10 hours of passing out cards. That is roughly $150.00 an hour for doing something simple and easy. Sounds pretty appealing, right? Is this more than you’re making now?

Occasionally an owner needs quick capital to buy more inventory to sell or to get new equipment. Maybe they’re behind on their taxes, opening a new location etc… They love DAC loans because they get an answer to their application in 24 hours and their money in 3-5 days!

No. Business owners will often get their loans through your website without even contacting you. You’ll occasionally not even know an application has been submitted until DAC notifies you with an email! DAC then has loan specialists who will work directly with the business owner on the details of their formal application and loan. You NEVER give financial or loan advice since you don’t work for DAC. You are ONLY DIRECTING the owners to David Allen Captial for their loans.

I’m glad you asked that, because none of us want to promote a shady business. David Allen Capital is a reputable and very well established loan broker, having provided over 10 billion dollars in loans to small businesses! And many of those businesses come back to them for more loans over and over. Also, DAC is owned by Youngevity, a company that is openly traded on the Wall Street stock market. That means there are very high federal government regulations they are legally required to abide by; and they do.

Don’t worry, you will! But we’ve got you covered. First, you’ll have online access to David Allen Capital’s back office for Agents that will provide you with training and information. You’ll also have a personal mentoring Agent assigned to give you all the added support you want. And there is never a charge for this assistance.

What’s stopping you from starting now to open the door to a world of simple opportunity to financial success for you and your family?

Looking forward to reaching out to you as soon as you sign up here:



A Simply Stupid Way of Making some additional $$ Dough

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We are now living in an age where the old ways of earning a living are not working for us. People are spending the best hours of their day trading hours for dollars working at a job they never expected to be doing because life took a turn sideways where life put them in a situation where they had to work the job they are currently working because of necessity, not necessarily out of desire. Or perhaps they are where they are because that is all they know how to do.  The Traditional way of working is not working because it is doing what has been learned or taught from the time you were in school to go to school, get good grades so you can go to college and get a degree in order to go to work doing something you may not even be equipped to do for work, or you have worked the same job at the same company since you graduated from college. You are bored with the routine, frustrated that things are not changing, and it seems like to the people you know are moving forward, getting ahead and living out dreams, journeys and adventures of travelling the world, meeting new and interesting people, establishing new networks and making progress. Meanwhile, you are still in the rut and routine of working the same job, at the same place, with the same people you’ve worked with for 10 years or longer, and you’ve forgotten how to Dream leaving plans and goals to collect dust doing what you’ve always done. You are now in the reals of the 40 -40 -40 of working 40 hours a week for 40 years of your working life, and retiring to receive only 40 percent of what you’ve earned after  4 decades of work. Something needs to change.

It is time to look to non traditional ways of making money outside of the box and getting paid for performance rather than just trading hours for dollars. There is nothing wrong with that and in some ways that is what you have to do in order o survive. What needs to happen is for you to find a way to monetize skills or talents acquired along this journey of life… or do something that will shake up the routine of your life to put you on track to do some other things outside and beyond what you have learned to do, or have been trained to do for making a living.  In our Society, Culture and World, there is a need for people to re-shuffle the deck chairs  and to go back and think about their purpose for living. It is about a need to go back and asking themselves about a WHY for living, breathing and doing the things they are doing. We were never meant to work in places where we trade the best hours of our day in order to make money, to earn a living so we can pay bills, retire and die.  What we are talking about now is making money non traditionally, residually where we are getting paid what we are worth where there is no ceiling on what we can earn. We are able to Design our lives where we earn residual income making money like Brent Farve, Lionel Ritchie, Denzel Washington or John Grisham. They are earning passive income via royalties otherwise known as residual income where they do the work once, and Get paid over and over on work once done. This link can give you a start.

Go to:

Good Luck, and God Bless

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Are you in the market for needing some financing help on various levels. Check out this website form more information and inquiries regarding where you get some help. Our representatives will take it from there. We work with sole proprietorships, Partnership, Corporation, S Corporations, and Limited Liability Companys (LLC)

The First Day of the year always goes by fast.

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Today is Monday January 2, 2017. It means the start of 2017  is now going to start moving into motion.  The New Year is always a chance to start over and make changes in jobs, businesses, relationships in the pursuit of getting out of that stale old rut you may have been in for the last year, or two, or 3, perhaps 4 or even further back.  Whatever the case, you are the designer of what is going to happen or be made to happen by virtue of the decisions you make from the choices you select. The best thing that can be done this week is to think through your calendar and make some adjustments in accordance with your values, goals, and targets of where you see yourself at by a certain timeline or deadline. yet give yourself a little Grace because in your efforts to accomplish certain goals and objectives, Family, Friends, Business Partners, Relatives and people who are a part of your life are  going to be part of the equation. Honor your people first because there are dividends to making an investment and deposit in people that have a bottom line that will last and are far more significant than numbers of a check. Take time this week to think, pray, reflect, rest and prepare.

Safe Zones on College Campuses

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A few years ago…Ted Koppel, then of ABC News Nightline did an address to the graduating class of Duke University called the Vanna-tizing of America. Just reading this article given all of the stuff taking place on the college campus has got my head scratching that Dennis Prager may be right. Before you send your student to college, have them spend a year working in a customer service job such as being a Waiter, or Waitress and getting some people skills, work ethic and acquiring some character development along the way, and then send them to Israel for two months to get a taste of what is happening in the real world beyond the four corners and borders of the city, or state they were born and raised.

These recent developments of college students requesting safe zones, and calling on resignations in Missouri of the President at the University of Missouri for whatever the reason behind the occupation take over of the President’s office is telling me that the Moral GPS or compass has taken a nose dive and crashed because students entering college have been coddled and protected to the point of wanting safe zones on campuses. Why? Because they have been verbally assaulted or harassed by having been called or labeled with a name or characterization of some type. The reality of this so called crisis is you can’t stand behind a protective shield, or plastic bubble, or have ear plugs in your ears forever.

College students, you have left home 100s or 1000s of miles a way to start a new life, and to develop your talents, gifts, skills, and abilities, and to blaze your own trail, and yet when something happen that mentally or verbally rocks your world, you cower and ask for safe zones. I’m sorry, but you are now 18 years old…an adult according to the American legal system to vote, possibly drink depending on the jurisdiction and to be responsible and use some Common Sense. You are on the Precipice of entering the real world where you are not going to have Safe Zones in the work place. There will be HR policies to abide by which ask you to respect other people and treat them the way you would want to be treated. If you don’t want to be harassed verbally, or otherwise, don’t do it yourself. In a work environment, do your job, work hard, treat your co-workers and peers with respect, and work your tail off to please your Employer, and your customers so you can continue to keep your job and come to work the next day to earn an income. Doing stupid things will get you fired and removed from being able to produce an income, and the end result will be having to hustle for bottles and cans and such. Hopefully it will never come to that, but when you don’t do what you are supposed to do, you will reap what you sow.

On the subject of colleges with safe zones and categories of exclusivity, you will need to adapt, improvise, and overcome. In the words of former OSU Basketball coach Ralph Miller, “I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone all of the time, so I don’t even try.” The University and the Academy has been in the past the marketplace of ideas, and the place where people learned to work together, and respect people’s opinions, persuasions, and convictions while also allowing for the Freedom of Speech, Press and Religion, there is a willingness in terms of the exchange of ideas. Those who are wanting safe zones because they can’t agree with or tolerate the opinions, persuasions, and convictions of others who are saying something in disagreement with their own worldview, opinions, persuasions’ and convictions are intolerant and non-inclusive from where they are standing.

To disagree, disallow or try to force compliance on to another whom you have the disagreement with is to place yourself in a cloistered, sheltered position where you don’t learn how to negotiate, exercise diplomacy, exchange dialogue, learn from one another, or discuss options and solutions. One will need how to come up with strategies to defeat roadblocks that could be allowed to open the flow of communication, and answers to resolve and diffuse a powder keg. Safe zones are a form of selfishness and inconsideration of considering viable options to begin resolutions and agreements. Instead there is a hunkering down, and choices to double down on a position or stance which create more problems, conflicts, unresolvable differences and potentially breakdowns, break ups, dissolving of partnerships and World War III.

Essentially, the allowance of Safe Zones on the college campus will do the opposite of what is supposed to happen in students’ lives going to college. Instead of developing into well rounded, self-respecting individuals who respect themselves, respect others and provide a sense of hope in our world and growth as a person, students will become more exclusive, self-absorbed, selfish, and become diminished in their development Mentally, Physically, Socially, Emotionally, Psychologically and Spiritually. Growth becomes stunted and inhibited resulting in a withering away of life resulting in a person becoming a non-life giving entity.

For Students to experience maximum growth and live giving potential, it is a Spiritual Experience. Once a student comes to a conclusion in terms of who they are in light of who the God of the Universe is through a relationship with Jesus Christ, the man or woman who has this encounter will not need Safe Zones to protect them from the darts, daggers, trials, tribulations and worries of this world. What is available via a relationship with Christ is the God of the Universe who is able to help provide guidance and the necessary means to help a student navigate his or her life. Is it Easy? No! Will there be Struggles, Worries and Fears? Yes! And yet that relationship with God is Strong, Stable, Foundational, and will provide Promises where a students’ his or her faith can know are true, Trustworthy, and fully Sufficient in the midst of whatever is going on. A student or person who knows Christ has a Safe Zone that is constant, always available, and always open anywhere on the Planet because God is an Everlasting Presence in times of trouble.

God provides His Word, His Son, a means of Faith that is unshakable, secure, and able to withstand Destructive forces. He is always there via the person of His Son, and the Power of His Holy Spirit. It is not only for students, but for anyone who wants to call upon the name of the Lord, that person will receive Eternal Life along with elements of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.

Benghazi, IRS, and DOJ

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First, it was Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans including the US Ambassador to Libya. Answers to questions regarding that situation are still unanswered while the question that weighs in the wind “Where was President Obama, and what was he doing as a terrorist attack was going down?” Unlike the raid on Usama Bin Laden where the President was pictured with his security staff in the Situation Room of the White House, President Obama is no where to be found. His presence and operational activity during the Benghazi situation is unknown, undocumented, and unclear regarding what He was doing. Meanwhile, Press Secretary Jay Carney is being peppered with questions regarding Benghazi and what was happening during those hours and days.

Benghazi is not the only scandal being investigated. There is the IRS scandal where the Internal Revenue Service is being accused of delaying the 503.C non profit statuses of numerous Conservative groups such as the Tea Party groups, along with internal audits being conducted on political groups of a Conservative nature, along with religious Christian groups being audited and investigated including groups led by Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and Dr James Dobson.

The third scandal being investigated is the Department of Justice and its secret acquisition and spy efforts of members of the media. Phone lines of the Associated Press along with some of its reporters were included. Fox News Reporter James Rosen has also been a target with personal phone lines, and the phone lines of his parents being under the scrutiny by the Us Department of Justice. We are living in changing and interesting times.